19 tons of Brazilian gold were illegally exported in 2020

17% of Brazil’s gold exports last year were made illegally. Photograph:

A survey published this Friday (6) underlines that 17% of gold exports made by Brazil last year were carried out illegally. According to a study by the Instituto Escolhas, of the 111 tonnes – about 4.9 billion US dollars – sent abroad in 2020, about 19 tonnes had no recorded production or had no authorization to ‘extraction.

Of this total, 485 kg from Pará and Mato Grosso did not have a title to extract the metal and an additional 18.6 tonnes were not recorded in the production records. According to the survey, exports took place in states such as Minas Gerais and São Paulo. “This is because these states did not produce a single gram of gold (São Paulo) or exported much more than they did (Minas Gerais), an indication that they exported from the ‘gold without registration or authorization or even extracted in other states, such as those in the Amazon region, ”says the institute.

For the organization’s project and product manager, Larissa Rodrigues, a traceability system is essential to reduce the problem. “We are exporting illegal gold in large quantities, which is why it is urgent that we have a traceability system, otherwise it will not be possible to prove whether it was produced legally or whether it comes from indigenous lands. and Amazonian conservation units, ”he says.

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