2015 Truckers’ Strike Leader Doesn’t Believe in Another Stop

2015 Truckers’ Strike Leader Ivar Schmidt Says Much Category Support for President Jair Bolsonaro Endangers Another National Strike | Photo: Albari Rosa / Gazeta do Povo

The support President Jair Bolsonaro enjoys from most autonomous freight carriers could jeopardize another nationwide truck driver strike. This is what the leader of the judgment in 2015, Ivar Schmidt, assesses.

Unlike the 2015 and 2018 strikes, Schmidt – who no longer works in road freight transport – believes that the political preference of carriers is an obstacle to joining a new strike. “The category is still attached to ‘São Bolsonaro’, they are very dedicated and I have a hard time hitting like that,” he told Gazeta do Povo.

The current moment is even more delicate compared to 2015, admits Schmidt. The expenses for diesel in a monthly billing can reach up to 70% in the case of a large truck with many years of use. “And even so, many still do not give up supporting Bolsonaro,” he said.

The leader of the penultimate national strike also assesses that the truck drivers of Baixada Santista will not be able to unblock a strike across the country. “They matter, but that’s not all. What makes a strike in this category happen is the circumstances, it’s the time, and it won’t be the Baixada that causes a national strike. in the current scenario, ”he reflects.

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