2018 trucker strike leader denies joining strike

Leader of the 2018 truckers’ strike, Wallace Landim, the “Chorão”, will not join the strike called for July 25 | Photo: Roberto Parizotti / Public Photos

The truckers’ strike promise for Sunday (25) will not include the participation of Wallace Landim, the “Chorão”, leader of the national strike in 2018., Chorão advocates a broad movement with the participation of civil society, not only autonomous carriers. .

“We consider that the action of the autonomous truck driver category in this stop is fair, however, Abrava will not participate in this stop on July 25, considering that the whole of society, and not just the truck drivers, must understand the need for social adjustment, ”Crying says.

The leader of the last strike recognizes that the increase in fuel prices weighs on truck drivers, but stresses that this weighs on the entire consumption chain. Therefore, he advocates that more categories be heard. “Abrava is discussing with other organized civil entities, seeking to enlarge the group of entities participating in a larger strike, in order to include all sectors in this process,” he said.

In Gazeta do Povo, Chorão said he “doesn’t think it’s fair” for truckers to go on strike alone at this time. “What I am talking about is an agenda that involves the whole of society. That is why I am addressing different segments, people in commerce, industry, agriculture”, he said. “I have learned [com a greve de 2018] and brought this responsibility. Today, we need a dialogue and a space with all sectors, “he adds.

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