A public company created to allow the privatization of Eletrobras goes into operation

The government hopes to privatize Eletrobras in 2022. | Photo: Disclosure

The Brazilian Company for Participations in Nuclear Energy and Binacional SA (ENBPar) began operations on Tuesday (4). The new state-owned company is linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and will take over the activities of Eletrobras which cannot be privatized, such as the companies Itaipu Binacional and Eletronuclear (Usinas Angra 1, 2 and 3) and the management of public policies.

According to ENBPar CEO Ney Zanella dos Santos, the state-owned company will only work with clean energy. Santos said the company’s goal is to ensure that the privatization of Eletrobras takes place “without incurring additional expenditure in the tax budget and without disrupting activities which, by law, cannot be privatized. “.

ENBPar should encompass public policies such as the universalization of electricity, with the Luz Para Todos and Mais Luz para a Amazônia programs. The company will also be responsible for the contracts of the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electric Energy (Proinfra) and actions of the National Electric Energy Saving Program (Procel), according to a statement from the MME.

In addition, it must take care of the Union’s assets under Eletrobras administration (BUSA) and the contracts of the Global Reversion Reserve Fund (RGR), signed before November 17, 2016. The new public company will not be dependent on the Treasury and its headquarters are in Brasilia. After its structuring, the company will be able to operate in different states.

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