After Revenue and BC, labor auditors cede managerial positions by readjustment

Esplanade des Ministères. Photo: Ana Volpe / Senate Agency

The National Union of Labor Auditors (Sinait) reported on Wednesday (5) that more than 150 labor inspectors have left their managerial or coordination positions. The mobilization comes after Federal Revenue and Central Bank (BC) employees also handed over their commission positions to protest the wage adjustment only for federal police officers.

Sinait met yesterday with the summit of the Department of Labor and Welfare to demand negotiation of wage increases. The civil servants’ movement began after the approval of the 2022 budget, which provides for 1.7 billion reais for the readjustment of the federal security forces.

Labor auditors demand the regulation of the variable efficiency premium. It is also a request from the tax authorities. The bonus was approved by Congress five years ago but has not gone into effect. The vice-president of Sinait, Carlos Silva, declared that if the bounty is intended only for the servers of the Federal Revenue, the authors of the Work will achieve “the greatest mobilization in our history”.

According to him, the more than 150 management and coordination positions transferred represent about half of the 300 command posts of the structure of the ministry. “This number will increase further. We make it clear to the ministry that the reality before us is one of maximum indignation. We will no longer wait for another opportunity to regulate what is in the law,” said Silva. The information was published by Estadão.

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