After the criticisms of the States, the rapporteur studies further the evolutions of the reform of the IR

Deputy Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA), rapporteur for the IR reform project, and Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes | Photo: Washington Costa / Department of the Economy

The rapporteur of the draft law amending the rules of income tax (IR), MP Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA), is considering including a reduction in the social contribution on net income (CSLL) as a replacement for the government’s proposal. The measure would be a response to criticism from states and municipalities of the current version of the text, which reduces the corporate income tax (IRPJ) and, with it, the transfer of equity funds to subnational entities.

“At the CSLL, we do a calculation to find a counterpart so as not to harm social security,” Sabino said Monday evening (9), after a meeting with the Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes , according to the newspaper “O Globo”.

According to the deputy, the idea of ​​creating triggers for additional cuts in the IRPJ rate can also be reviewed. Last week, Sabino proposed that larger tax cuts would only occur if incomes rise above inflation. The corporate sector, however, criticized the lack of predictability regarding the tax burden.

“We are studying some alternatives that allow us to also guarantee to the market, to the financial sector, to companies that there will be a reduction in the tax burden and also, in the same way, to guarantee to States and municipalities that they will not lose. no FPE. [Fundo de Participação dos Estados] and FPM [Fundo de Participação dos Municípios]», Said the rapporteur. Still according to him, the project can be voted on this Wednesday (11).

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