Agribusiness publishes manifesto in defense of democracy

Agro-industrial entities publish a note in defense of democracy | Photo: Michel Willian / Archives / Gazeta do Povo

The entities of the agro-industrial sector published on Monday (30) a note in defense of democracy in which they criticized “radical adventures” and “any harmful politicization or partisanship”. The text demands that Brazilian leaders be “on par with Brazil”. The information was published by the newspaper O Globo.

“It is the democratic rule of law that ensures us this essential entrepreneurial freedom in a capitalist economy, which is the reverse of radical adventures, strikes and illegal strikes, of any harmful politicization or partisanship which, far from solving our problems, will certainly make them worse, ”says an excerpt from the manifesto.

The agro-food note was released on the same day that Febraban and other economic sector entities postponed the publication of a manifesto for harmony among the Three Powers. The agro-industrial sector reinforces the impact it has on the economy in the text published today. “Brazil is much bigger and better than the image we projected to the world. It is costing us dearly and will take time to reverse,” the note said.

The signatories of the text are entities such as the Brazilian Association of Agribusiness (Abag), the Brazilian Association of Palm Oil Producers (Abrapalma), the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Manufacturers (Abiove ), Brazilian Association of Plant Nutrition Technology Industries (Abisolo), among others.

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