AGU denies government omission on Petrobras fuel price readjustment

Headquarters building of Petrobras, in Rio de Janeiro.| Photo: Fernando Frazao/Agência Brasil

The Attorney General’s Office (AGU) denied this Monday (14) to justice that the federal government failed to control the “allegedly practiced illegalities” by Petrobras in its pricing policy. The AGU stressed that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) cannot interfere in the public company. Last Thursday (11), Petrobras announced the readjustment of 18.8% in gasoline, 24.9% in diesel and 16.1% in cooking gas.

The next day, Judge Flávia de Macêdo Nolasco, of the 9th Federal Court of Brasilia, gave the government 72 hours to express her opinion on the increase in the lawsuit filed by the Mixed Parliamentary Front for the Defense of Autonomous Truckers and Celetistas in collaboration with unions, freight carriers.

“Since there is no relationship of subordination between the mixed capital company [Petrobras] and the Union, there is no need to say that the central entity is failing to control the illegalities allegedly practiced by the company in its oil derivatives pricing policy”, indicates an extract from the document transmitted by the AGU.

According to the agency, the public company has “administrative autonomy” and practices “freedom of prices, which is in accordance with the constitutional principle of free competition”. The AGU asked the Federal Court to close the proceedings without analyzing the merits.

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