Airline pilots and flight attendants announce nationwide strike

Striking aeronauts demonstrate at Congonhas airport in 2016: a new stop could affect end-of-year travel. Photo: Disclosure / SCN

Pilots and flight attendants gathered in assembly this Wednesday (24) decided to go on strike from midnight on November 29, for an indefinite period. They are pushing airlines for a 15% pay rise to replace inflationary losses of the past two years – the INPC from December 1, 2019 to November 30, 2021 – in recognition of the efforts of workers who have adjusted over the course of the past year, to the financial crisis generated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The National Aeronauts Union (SNA) specifies, in a press release, that the category has not ceased to function since the start of the pandemic, “having faced serious risks of contamination by Covid-19, and brought its contribution to the fight against the disease by transporting vaccines, supplies and equipment. ”“ In addition, pilots and flight attendants have made an important contribution to the recovery of airlines by properly accepting wage cuts and remuneration which last until today, ”specifies the SNA.

Now, according to the union, the scenario is different, because the companies themselves point to a growth scenario in their relations to the market, with the slowdown of Covid-19 and the resumption of tourism. The SNA also informs that, “out of respect for society and the users of the air transport system”, the aeronauts will arrest 50% of the crews per day, while the remaining 50% will remain in service. Despite the measure, the eventual stoppage can hamper end-of-year flights, the demand for which is increasing due to school vacations and end-of-year celebrations.

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