Aneel maintains the energy at the most expensive level and indicates a possible readjustment

Red flag billing at level 2 is maintained in the September electricity bill and may be increased. Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The National Electric Energy Agency has defined that the tariff flag in September 2021 will be red at level 2, the most expensive of the collection system. There is no confirmation, however, on the price. According to the regulator, “the values ​​of the tariff flags are being analyzed and will be disclosed later”. Currently, the highest level adds R $ 9.49 to the energy bill per 100 kilowatt-hours consumed.

August has been another difficult month for the National Interconnected Grid (NIS) hydrological regime, Aneel said, and the outlook for September is not expected to change significantly, with major reservoirs reaching considerably low levels for the time of year. The continuation of the water crisis scenario means reduced hydropower generation capacity and the need for maximum activation of thermoelectric resources, putting pressure on energy costs and prices.

Aneel has already indicated that the Red Flag should undergo a further readjustment. In July, a 52% increase in Red Flag 2 was valid, but at that time the agency announced that there would be a revision of the calculations to ensure that the amount charged was sufficient to allow the generation The most expensive. Data for June already showed a collection deficit with banners of around R $ 1.5 billion. At the time, according to Aneel’s technical field, it was considered that the readjustment should be between 84.3% and 92.3% to take into account the increase in supply.

Information published by the newspaper O Globo points out that a further increase could be between 50% and 58%, bringing the additional amount paid up to R $ 15 for each 100kWh consumed.

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