Authorized tax transaction 300,000 debt settlement agreements

Facade of the Ministry of the Economy on the Esplanade des Ministères. Photo: Edu Andrade / Ascom / ME

The debt negotiation program with the Union launched by the Economy Ministry in April last year, just after the pandemic, was responsible for concluding more than 300,000 debt settlement agreements, totaling more than 100 billion reais traded, according to data released on Wednesday (4). According to the record, if this instrument had not been adopted, the effect of isolation on employment could be up to twice that recorded. “The tax operation has become an important mechanism for negotiating tax obligations and rapid and targeted action by the tax administration in favor of taxpayers facing real financial difficulties,” said a statement from the ministry.

“Several public notices have been issued to help taxpayers in difficulty honor their commitments due to the health crisis and, since April 2020, the date of the promulgation of Law No. 13,988, more than 300,000 agreements have been signed for the payment of debts, ”notes the SPE Technical Note. “As a result, over R $ 100 billion in tax debt has been negotiated, surpassing previous repayment programs of the Refis type. In 2020, BRL 1.77 billion was collected, and in the first five months of 2021 this amount has already reached BRL 1.65 billion, ”the document states. Also according to the file, the sector which used the mechanism the most was Manufacturing industry (26% of the total amount processed). Construction represented 7.7%; followed by Education (3.4%) and Domestic Services, the least participatory sector (less than 0.1%).

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