Auxílio Brasil became BRL 10 billion more expensive after going through the House

The changes approved by the deputies increased the number of beneficiaries and the cost of Auxílio Brasil. Photo: Marina Ramos / Chamber of Deputies

The changes promoted by the Chamber of Deputies in the provisional measure that created Auxílio Brasil increased the number of beneficiary families from 17 million to 20 million. And they would have to increase the total cost of the program by around 10 billion reais, which would rise to around 96 billion reais per year. The PEC precatório, which must be voted on this Tuesday (30) by the Constitution and Justice Commission of the Senate, does not guarantee this additional budget.

Preliminary estimates come from the House Budget Council and were passed on to House Deputy Marcelo Aro (PP-MG), according to “Folha de S.Paulo”. Calculations show that the government may have difficulty making the R $ 400 per family allowance demanded by President Jair Bolsonaro viable.

The program became more expensive because the rapporteur proposed – and MEPs approved – an increase in the extreme poverty and poverty lines, which widens access to the benefit. Instead of R $ 100 and R $ 200 of monthly family income per person, he proposed limits of R $ 105 and R $ 210, respectively. In addition, the maximum limit of five beneficiaries per family has been removed.

In the 2022 draft budget, the government reserved only R $ 34.7 billion for the social program. With the precatório PEC – a proposal to amend the Constitution that postpones the payment of these debts and changes the spending cap rule – the government hopes to open up budget space of R $ 106.1 billion and use up a good chunk of that. additional money to extend the subsidy to Auxílio Brasil.

From the budgetary margin opened by the PEC, the Ministry of the Economy calculates that 51.1 billion reais will go to Auxílio Brasil, which would thus have a total budget of almost 86 billion reais.

It will not be easy to get an additional 10 billion reais for the program because, of the 106.1 billion reais guaranteed by the CEP, only 1.1 billion reais can be freely spent – all the money remaining. would already be incurred in other expenses.

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