Average gasoline price approaches R $ 6 per liter, according to ANP

On the rise, the price of gasoline is approaching R $ 6 per liter on the national average. Posts in four states already charge over R $ 7 | Photo: Atila Alberti / Tribuna do Paraná

The country’s average gasoline pump price rose 1.5% to R $ 5.956 per liter last week (between August 15 and 21). The data comes from a survey by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

According to the survey, the highest average prices are found in the states of Rio de Janeiro (6.485 BRL), Acre (6.45 BRL) and the Federal District (6.35 BRL). The lowest average prices are in Amapá (R $ 5,143), São Paulo (R $ 5.626) and Roraima (R $ 5.637).

Some stations, however, already charge over R $ 7 per liter of fuel. The ANP found the highest prices at establishments in the states of Tocantins (R $ 7.36), Rio Grande do Sul (R $ 7.189), Acre (R $ 7.13) and Rio de Janeiro (R $ 7.059 $).

According to the regulatory agency, the average price of ethanol rose 2.2% during the week, reaching R $ 4.497 per liter. Regular diesel, in turn, was sold for an average of R $ 4.616 per liter, 0.35% more expensive than the week before. The average price of a 13-kilogram cooking gas cylinder, meanwhile, fell 0.1% and ended the week at R $ 93.34.

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