Baixada Santista carriers join truck drivers’ strike

Summary of the truckers’ strike in 2018. | Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The autonomous carriers of Baixada Santista decided, this Saturday (24), to support a new strike by truck drivers called this Sunday (25). The group’s nod to the movement gives significant weight to the strike, as Gazeta do Povo explained in a report.

The strikers criticized the federal government for not having proposed measures to lower the price of diesel and Petrobras for maintaining the price policy. In addition, they complain about the way in which the Interim Measure (MP) 1.051, which creates and regulates the electronic transport document (DT-e), was approved. This document unites around twenty documents required for freight transport operations.

“Our situation, from February 1 until now, has not progressed at all for the transport sector, apart from the fines, the expensive tolls, the toll offers, we still have fifteen places for Paraná and other states, and fuel has already increased by more than 45%. We are paying the price. The truck driver, wherever he arrives, is looked down upon, “says Plínio Dias, president of the National Road Freight Transport Council ( CNTRC), in a video circulating on social networks. Dias was responsible for the call for a national strike.

“From July 25, more truck drivers will stop nationwide. It is unfortunate that we have to endure humiliations in order to work. People who have the pen in their hands, whether in government, STF, Petrobrás, do not sorry for the category. We have a lot of increase in tires, engine oil, brake linings, electricians who increase the workforce. Nobody can take it anymore, ”criticizes the CNTRC president.

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