Baixada Santista truck drivers postpone strike decision until Saturday

Demonstration of truckers in 2019, against the rise in the price of diesel: in Baixada Santista, the climate is favorable to stopping | Photo: Felipe Rosa / Tribuna do Paraná

Baixada Santista’s autonomous carriers have postponed the decision whether or not to support a new strike by truck drivers. The leaders of the Municipality of Santos (SP) met in assembly on Friday afternoon (23) and decided that more leaders and representatives should be heard before hitting the hammer on the strike. The deliberation will be given in session this Saturday (24), at 10 am.

The assembly is expected to bring together the main leaders and representatives of five cooperatives and four associations of independent carriers working in Baixada Santista. In the region, which includes the municipalities of Guarujá (SP), Santos (SP) and Cubatão (SP), around 7,000 truck drivers operate.

If the majority of the leaders decide to strike, it will be the first decision in favor of a national strike since 2018. For the truck leaders heard by Gazeta do Povo, the participation of the autonomous workers of Baixada Santista would bring significant weight to the ‘call for a strike on Sunday (25).

“We are at the heart of a stop, we are crucial, so much so that the others [convocações de greve] they did not happen because Baixada Santista was not involved and did not support her, ”said truck driver Marcelinho Paz, who works in the Santos port area. His assessment is that Saturday’s meeting should devote support to the strike.

“And if we take a stand for the strike, all these other leaders who are currently against, will say later that they are for. They are waiting for the positioning of Baixada,” said Marcelinho. The Saturday meeting may even set a different date. “Some ask for the 1st [de agosto], because there are a lot of people who travel far and who want to organize themselves better, ”he explains.

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