Bolsonaro announces extension of emergency aid until October

President Jair Bolsonaro. | Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil.

President Jair Bolsonaro announced this Thursday afternoon (12) the extension of three additional months of emergency aid. The payment of new installments of the service was foreseen. With this, the aid will continue until October, after which it should be replaced by the new Bolsa Família, called Auxílio Brasil. Citizenship Minister João Roma said the new round of payments will cost an additional 20 billion reais.

“We have now started what would be a fourth phase, or an extension of the third phase of emergency aid. We granted it for four months and decided to extend it for three months. Obviously, those three months. end when we then have the Auxílio Brasil program, the economic team, the readjustment will be at least 50% of what is currently paid in the average of Bolsa Família “, said Bolsonaro.

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