Bolsonaro blames ‘stay at home’ for inflation, says he’s taking action

Bolsonaro also said inflation is fought with more production, citing funding for family farming. Photo: Evaristo Sá / AFP / 24-05-2019

President Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday evening (12), during a broadcast on social media, that he had spoken with Economy Minister Paulo Guedes about actions to control inflation in the country, but he blamed the measures to fight the coronavirus as responsible for the rise in prices, saying that now “the bill has arrived”. “They don’t want the federal government to solve everything, it cannot be solved. If not, do we have inflation? Yes, and it’s all over the world. Over the past 12 months, it has been around 9%. It’s a large number, “he lamented, adding that it is not possible to work a miracle.” You remember there, and there was support from part of the population , stay at home, the economy will we see later? Do you want us to do a miracle now? “

Bolsonaro also cited some measures the government has taken in an attempt to reduce the price hike. “I talked to Paulo Guedes a lot about this. Certain measures are taken to fight against inflation ”, listing some actions of the federal government, such as the independence of the Central Bank, the financing of family farming by the Caixa Econômica Federal. “We are fighting inflation with more production. There is no other way. Some people think I should try or freeze the prices, or suspend the export of something to make it cheaper in Brazil. does not work. It leads to something worse. that inflation causes shortages, “he warned.

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