Bolsonaro gives more power to the Civil Chamber in the execution of the budget

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). | Photo: Alan Santos / RP

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) issued a decree which gives more power to the Civil Chamber in the execution of the budget. From now on, actions such as the opening of additional credits or the transfer of budgetary credits are conditional on the “prior favorable manifestation of the Minister of State director of the office of the Presidency of the Republic”. Licensed Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI) currently heads the portfolio. In practice, determination dilutes the autonomy of the Ministry of the Economy, commanded by Paulo Guedes.

The decree was published this Thursday (13) in the Official Journal (DOU). The Budget Execution Council (JEO), responsible for defining the limits of commitment, reallocation and execution of the budget, is made up of the Civil Chamber and the Economy. In previous years, however, the execution of decisions was ensured exclusively by ordinances of the Ministry of the Economy. With the decree, the responsibility was shared. The Civil Chamber will also have greater control over the changes requested by Congress in the execution of the so-called rapporteur amendments.

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