Bolsonaro says CLT is rigid, Onyx asks Senate to approve mini-reform

Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, has asked the Senate to approve interim measure 1,045, which expires on September 7. | Photo: Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil

President Jair Bolsonaro defended this Thursday (26) the relaxation of labor laws in Brazil, believing that it is difficult to generate jobs with such strict rules. “How can you generate employment with such a rigid CLT? And when it comes to CLT, people turn on me and say I want to end the rights, ”the president said, in a conversation with supporters outside the Alvorada palace.

Previously, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Onyx Lorenzoni asked the Senate to approve interim measure 1045, which expires on September 7. “Here is my public appeal to the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, for his help. So that more than 3 million Brazilian families have the possibility of looking for work and are qualified to seek better living conditions ”, declared Lorenzoni.

MP 1,045 authorized reductions in working hours and wages during the pandemic. Parliamentarians now want to include in this package a sort of “mini labor reform”, adding some measures to relax labor law, such as the possibility of hiring young people and people over 50 without a formal contract.

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