Bolsonaro says he is “certain” that Congress will override the veto on Refis do Simples and MEI

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). | Photo: Alan Santos / RP

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said on Monday (10) that he is “sure” that Congress will override its veto on the plan to create a Refis for micro and small businesses participating in Simples Nacional, including individual microentrepreneurs (MEI). we have to have a decision to meet with the MEI staff who took out loans during the pandemic, so that can be renegotiated, yes. We intend for a partial solution now and with the return of Parliament I am sure Parliament will override the veto, “the representative said in an interview with Sarandi radio.

The project vetoed by Bolsonaro freed up the payment of 50 billion reais in debts of small and micro-enterprises. Last Saturday (8), the president reaffirmed that he was vetoing the text in order not to contradict the fiscal responsibility law (LRF) and the electoral legislation. According to him, there is the possibility of issuing an interim measure (PM) or an order to resolve the problem. “The Parliament cancels the veto, which I hope … I hope not, I am sure that it will override the veto, the problem will be solved”, he underlined. The information was disclosed by the newspaper O Globo.

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