Brazil creates 324,000 formal jobs in November

Of the five sectors of the economy, four posted a positive balance in November. Photo: Albari Rosa / Archives / Gazeta do Povo

Brazil generated 324,112 formal jobs in November of this year. The Ministry of Labor published this Thursday (23) data from the General Register of Employees and Unemployed (Caged). According to the file, the balance results from 1,755,694 recruitments and 1,448,654 redundancies. This is the biggest result since August, when 373,344 jobs were created.

The number of formal vacancies created in November improved compared to the previous two months. In September, 318,051 vacancies were registered and in October, 241,766. In addition, Caged showed that the average entry salary in November was R $ 1,778.84, the lowest this year. The 27 units of the federation and the five regions of the country recorded a positive record of formal job creation in November.

Of the five sectors of the economy, four posted a positive balance in November. The services sector was the one that hired the most, with 818,202 entries and 637,242 layoffs, the balance being 180,960 thousand.

Next comes commerce, with 139,287 jobs created in November. The construction sector ranks third with 12,485 jobs and industry ranks fourth with 8,100 jobs. Agriculture was the only sector to record losses, with 16,797 fewer jobs.

Intermittent work recorded a balance of 11,292 jobs in November. This number is the result of 26,984 admissions and 15,692 dismissals. Part-time vacancies accounted for 16,919 admissions and 13,217 layoffs, with a balance of 3,702 jobs.

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