Brazil is expected to have a record grain harvest of 261.6 million tonnes in 2022

An IBGE survey shows the area to be harvested will be 71.2 million hectares, 3.9% more than the area harvested in 2021.| Photo: Hugo Harada/Arquivo/Gazeta do Povo

Brazil’s expected 2022 cereal, pulse and oilseed production is expected to total a record 261.6 million tonnes, 3.3% higher than 2021 production (253.2 million tonnes), according to published information. this Thursday (10) by the Brazilian Institute. geography and statistics (IBGE). According to the Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production (LSPA), analyzed in February, the area to be harvested will be 71.2 million hectares, or 3.9% more than the area harvested in 2021 and 0.1% of more than expected the previous month.

Rice, maize and soybeans represent 92.7% of the estimated production and represent 87.7% of the areas to be harvested. Soybean production is forecast to reach 123 million tons, a reduction of 8.8% compared to 2021. For corn production, a harvest of 108.7 million tons is expected, with a growth of 23.9% from 2021. Estimated rice production was 10.7 million tonnes, down 7.9% from what was produced last year.

“The North East (1.4%) and North (3.4%) regions saw an increase in their estimates compared to the previous month. They are expected to produce 24.7 million tonnes and 12.4 million tonnes respectively. The largest drop was recorded in the South (13.7%), which is expected to total 69.2 million tonnes. The South-East (26.8 million tons) and the Center-West (128.4 million tons) showed no variation in their production estimates compared to the previous month”, indicates an IBGE survey . Among the states, Mato Grosso leads, with a participation of 29.6%, followed by Paraná (13.3%), Rio Grande do Sul (10.8%), Goiás (10.3%) , Mato Grosso do South (8.8%) and Minas Gerais (6.4%), which together accounted for 79.2% of the national total.

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