Caixa announces schedule for payment of aid to Brazil; check dates

Caixa released this Friday (120 the payment schedule for Auxílio Brasil. | Photo: Jonathan Campos / Gazeta do Povo

La Caixa Econômica Federal has published the schedule for aid to Brazil, which begins to be paid next Wednesday (17). The dates will follow the Bolsa Família model, which paid beneficiaries on the last ten working days of the month, based on the last digit of the social registration number (NIS). With an average value of R $ 217.18 this month, the November installment will start to be paid on the 17th for NIS beneficiaries ending in 1 and will end on the 30th for NIS beneficiaries ending in 0. They can receive Brazil Aid families with per capita income. up to R $ 100, considered to be in a situation of extreme poverty, and those whose per capita income does not exceed R $ 200, considered to be in a situation of poverty. With information from Agência Brasil.

Payment schedule:

NIS ending November 1 – 17
NIS ending November 2 – 18
NIS ending November 3-19
NIS ending November 4-22
NIS ending November 5-23
NIS ending November 6-24
NIS ending November 7-25
NIS ending November 8-26
NIS ending November 9-29
NIS ending November 0-30

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