Chamber approves emergency regime for IR reform project

Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies | Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday (4) the emergency regime of Bill (PL) 2337/2021, which corresponds to one of the stages of the tax reform and relates to changes in income tax . The decision was taken with 278 votes in favor and 158 against. Thus, the text can now be voted on in plenary, without the need for an analysis by the committees.

The PL deals with several aspects of income tax, including a reduction of up to 12.5 percentage points in corporate income tax (IRPJ), the readjustment of the income tax scale for natural persons (IRPF), with the widening of the exemption range for income up to R $ 2.5 thousand per month, taxation of profits and dividends, in addition to changes in the rules for taxing earnings on investments in fixed and variable income.

The rapporteur of the project is Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA), who presented on Tuesday (3) an alternate to the proposal of the executive. The issue is expected to be voted on this week or early next year.

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