Decree determines a reduction of up to 20% in government light consumption

The determination is a 10-20% reduction in energy consumption between September 2021 and April 2022. | Photo: Leopoldo Silva / Senate Agency

A decree published in an additional edition of the Official Journal of the Union on Wednesday (25) determined a reduction in electricity consumption in public administration bodies between 10% and 20%. The measure takes effect in September and will run until April 2022 and will only affect public companies.

The document establishes several recommendations to help reduce consumption, such as not using air conditioners at temperatures below 24 degrees, computers programmed to activate standby mode, reduce lighting in corridors and garages and adopt measures in tenders for more energy efficient equipment. The decree also establishes the creation of internal energy management commissions in each entity or administrative entity.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the objective is to reduce internal consumption, in collaboration with the measures resulting from the current energy crisis.

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