defeats of Paulo Guedes in 2021

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– Significant reforms and the privatization of Correios were some of the defeats of Paulo Guedes’ economic team in Congress in 2021

*) The last episode of 15 Minutes evoked the reasons that the economic team led by Minister Paulo Guedes was to celebrate in 2021.

As a reminder: the approvals in Congress for the privatization of Eletrobras, the PEC dos Precatórios and the feasibility of Auxílio Brasil were discussed.

On the other hand, not everything worked out. The long-awaited privatization of Correios has stalled. Significant reforms, particularly administrative and fiscal reforms, have not seen the light of day either. Will they be released in 2022?

In this second part of the interview with Isabelle Barone, of the Economics editor of Gazeta do Povo, she looks back on the frustrations of the economic team over the past year.

*) The episode also talks about the aid the federal government has sent to victims of the heavy rains in Bahia and the controversy surrounding the issue.

Rodolfo Costa, reporter for República da Gazeta do Povo, details the case.

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