Economy expects to reach BRL 389 billion in new investments in 2022

The estimated amount takes into account the negotiation of 153 auctions and projects by the Investment Partnership Program (PPI). Photo: Geraldo Magela / Senate Agency

According to the Ministry of the Economy, the country ends 2021 with 822 billion reais of private investments contracted for the coming years. In the evaluation of the file, the amount ensures growth in 2022 and in the future and should generate more than 3 million jobs. According to The Economy, the figures “predict the recovery of the country in ‘V’, after the critical phase of the impacts of the pandemic, in 2020”.

This billion dollar investment portfolio includes 131 auctions and projects carried out by the Investment Partnership Program (IPP) since the start of the current administration, in 2019. The amount is expected to be increased with the negotiation of 153 other assets in 2022, generating a further BRL 389.3 billion in new investment and a forecast of BRL 1,200 billion at the end of Jair Bolsonaro’s tenure.

Another expectation from the Ministry of the Economy is that gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) will exceed 20% of GDP next year, with confirmation of the resumption of investment levels – at the end of the third quarter of 2021, the index was 19.4%. According to the file, the scenario should be “driven by the actions of the PPI and by the pro-market reforms, which paved the way for the resumption of private investment in Brazil”. Despite the confidence of Paulo Guedes’ portfolio, the head of government, Ricardo Barros, does not believe in advancing the agenda before the elections.

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