Electricity bill will continue with a higher additional rate in August

Red Flag 2 will remain in effect. Photo credit: André Rodrigues / Arquivo / Gazeta do Povo

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) informed this Friday (30) that the electricity bill would continue with the highest additional cost in August. Red Flag 2, in which an additional R $ 9.49 is charged on the electricity bill for every 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed, will remain in effect. The information was published by the G1 portal.

Aneel may further increase the value of the red flag 2. Due to the water crisis, the agency opened a public consultation this month to decide whether the rate for this flag will remain at R $ 9.49 per 100 kWh or if it will increase to R $ 11.5 per 100 kWh.

The consultation ends on July 30 and the technical area will issue an opinion so that Aneel’s college council can decide on the fee. However, no date has been set for the conclusion of the opinion or for the decision.

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