Febraban denies suggesting attacks on government in manifesto

Febraban, which represents the country’s largest private banks, says he was not involved in drafting the text with attacks on the government. Photo: Gazeta do Povo

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) released on Monday (30) a statement denying having participated in the development of a text undermining the government, as the Minister of the Economy Paulo Guedes said earlier. In the text, the organization affirmed that the manifesto, articulated by the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (Fiesp), called for harmony between the powers.

“From its origins, Febraban has not participated in the drafting of a text containing attacks against the government or opposition to current economic policy. The content of the manifesto called for serenity, harmony and collaboration between the Powers of the Republic and warned against the effects of the institutional climate on the expectations of economic agents and on the pace of activity “, specifies the entity.

Febraban concludes the note by saying that it does not comment on decisions made by its affiliates, such as Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, who have expressed their desire to disaffiliate in reaction to the manifesto.

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