Government decides to maintain 10% biodiesel blend in diesel until December 2022

Government tries to contain rising fuel prices | Photo: Marcelo Camargo / AgĂȘncia Brasil

The government decided on Monday (29) to maintain the mandatory percentage of biodiesel compared to diesel at 10% until December 2022, the same level currently in force. The intention is to contain the rise in fuel. In 2018, the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) determined the mandatory minimum addition of 13% of biodiesel to diesel from March 2021; 14% in March 2022 and 15% in March 2023. The information was published by the G1 portal.

“The decision taken on Monday (29/11) is in line with the interests of society, reconciling measures to control the price of diesel with the maintenance of the National Biofuels Policy, bringing predictability, transparency, legal and regulatory certainty to the sector” , specifies the CNPE in a press release. From next year, the product will be freely traded between fuel distributors and producers, without the need for a public auction.

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