Government expects better GDP forecast in 2022

Adolfo Sachsida, Special Advisor for Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Economy| Photograph:

The head of the Special Council for Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Economy, Adolfo Sachsida, expects that throughout the year the market will reassess economic growth projections. Currently, the average floor of expectations for GDP in 2022 is 0.3%, according to the Central Bank’s Focus report. The Secretariat for Economic Policy forecasts an expansion of 2.1% and should announce a new projection in two weeks, during the publication of the Macrofiscal Bulletin of the Ministry of Economy.

“It is important that we continue with the program of fiscal consolidation and pro-market reform,” says Sachsida. According to him, the intensification of structural measures can lead to attracting more international investment and guaranteeing a stronger real.

These factors, he says, helped the economy grow by 4.6% of GDP last year, better than six of the seven G7 countries, even in the face of climate problems in Brazil, the worst crisis in the world. water in 91 years, to the disruption of production chains and the pandemic.

According to him, Brazil – in the current scenario – must show itself as a haven for foreign investment, strengthen capital and credit markets and guarantee the privatization of public companies such as Correios and Eletrobrás. “We count on the partnership of Congress,” he added.

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