Government issues decree with rules for lending to the electricity sector

The decree creates the Water Scarcity Account to carry out credit operations in the electricity sector. Photo credit: Alexandre Marchetti / Itaipu Binacional

The federal government issued an executive order that regulates a new loan to the electricity sector to deal with the financial impacts caused by the water scarcity. The text was published this Friday (14) in the Official Journal (DOU). The determination creates the Water Scarcity Account for carrying out credit operations, using the Energy Development Account (CDE) as a means of amortization.

The device will receive the necessary funds to cover, “totally or partially, the additional costs resulting from the situation of water shortage for the concessionaires and licensees of the public service of electric energy distribution”. The mechanisms regulated by the decree were created by provisional measure No. 1078, of December last year. The MP planned to use the resources that would be collected through tariff charges, to cover part of the additional expenses of the electricity sector.

The regulation authorizes the structuring of financial transactions and regulates the tariff charge to be applied to consumers who migrate to the Free Contractual Environment (ACL). The expectation is that, with the new decree, “the hygiene of the entire electrical system will be guaranteed, in order to allow the rapid injection of resources into the distributors”.

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) will be responsible for regulating the decree to apply the best conditions to consumers. The Electric Power Marketing Chamber (CCEE) must implement the final design of operations. With information from Agência Brasil.

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