Government issues MP that forces notary offices to adopt electronic services

The Electronic Public Records System will interconnect all notarial offices and the remote service to users and services themselves, used to receive and send documents, issue certificates and obtain information electronically. Photo: Gazeta do Povo Archives

President Jair Bolsonaro has issued an interim measure creating the Electronic Public Archives System (SERP), which determines that notary offices perform their acts electronically. The measure was published in the Official Journal on Tuesday (28). According to the federal government, the goal is to improve and further reduce the bureaucracy in the business environment in the country.

The Electronic Public Records System will interconnect all records and provide remote support to users and the services themselves, allowing documents to be received and sent, certificates issued, and information obtained electronically.

“Henceforth, the notarial offices will have to organize themselves and take care of the infrastructure linked to the new system. If a notarial office refuses to join, it will have to provide an infrastructure to the specific office to be able to communicate with the SERP and, consequently, with the other notarial offices ”, specifies a note from the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

The deputy also defines that the standardization of the SERP will be the responsibility of the National Directorate of Justice of the National Council of Justice (CNJ). The will of the notarial offices to carry out their acts electronically already existed in the law, but as it did not provide detailed criteria and the form of regulation, it was not applied.

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