government must send deputy to ‘unlock’ railway landmark

Section of the north-south railway in Goiás. Photo: Beth Santos / PR General Secretariat

The federal government must send the National Congress an interim measure (MP) to speed up the approval of the new legal framework for the railways. Since 2018, a legislative proposal, PLS 261, which deals with the subject, has been in Parliament. But for the Executive, while state milestones have advanced across Brazil, it is urgent that the issue be disciplined in order to balance subnational initiatives with federal ones, so as not to “lose efficiency” and have an articulation. networked.

Information on the MP’s initiative was given by the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Freitas, in an interview with Valor on July 20. He admits the government is struggling to move the proposal forward in Congress. Among the main changes, the framework would allow the construction of new railway lines by authorization, and not just by the concession regime.

“The federal government is struggling with the framework’s approval in Congress, and some states have taken the lead. States like Pará, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso have approved their frameworks. These state railways interconnected in the federal system will eventually provide a network of short lines, a multiplicity of operators, and this will contribute to an increase in rail supply, resulting in cheaper freight, ”said the minister during the interview.

Freitas also mentioned the challenge of generating investments in post-pandemic scenarios and the need to bring more efficiency to the productive sector. According to him, many companies whose business plans are billionaires are locking up with the intention of having a railway branch to do their logistics, since it is exclusive to the State. “It’s time to face this,” the portfolio holder told Valor.

“You really have to work with an interim measure. We have been discussing the regulatory framework for two and a half years and we are beginning to see a risk: the lack of integration of the federal initiative with the state initiative. frameworks have already been launched, certain railways are already authorized, but these railways must be made to speak to the whole ”, declared Freitas. “This discipline is very urgent so that we do not have the profusion of state railways disconnected or inefficient compared to the federal network. It is urgent that we have a framework for this sector”.

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