Government presents Brazil Aid and PEC court order program

The President of the House Arthur Lira (PP-AL), receives President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) for the delivery of the PEC of the precatório and deputy linked to the Bolsa Família. Photo: Cleia Viana / Chamber of Deputies

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The federal government presented on Monday (9) the provisional measure (MP) of the social program Auxílio Brasil, substitute for Bolsa Família, as well as a proposal to modify the Constitution (PEC) to allow the payment in installments of court decisions (debts recognized by justice). Part of the money to finance Auxílio Brasil will come precisely from the money that the government will save, initially, by dividing up court decisions.

The proposal was forwarded by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) to the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). Ministers Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil), Paulo Guedes (Economy), Luiz Eduardo Ramos (General Secretariat of the Presidency) and João Roma (Citizenship) accompanied Bolsonaro in the delivery of the material.

“[A PEC dos precatórios] it aims to make spending transparent and accountable, including the social biases of our government, ”Bolsonaro said at the meeting. “We know the pandemic has caused inflation around the world, and we cannot leave vulnerable people unattended. The president also said that there is an “increasingly harmonious” relationship between the executive and the legislature.

During the meeting, Lira said that the House “wanted” the proposal and should appreciate it very quickly. “The Congress will quickly look into this deputy. As much as possible and with high responsibility. This issue is urgent, as is the precatório’s PEC, which must be assessed before sending the budget proposal, so that there is predictability and continuity in the actions of the Executive for 2022 “, declared the President of the Chamber.

“We received the proposal with great taste, he is a very important deputy, with a social character, a lot of attention and high esteem,” said Lira.

Brazil Help

The text of the provisional measure Auxílio Brasil defines the format of the new program, with the advantages associated with it, but does not present the amounts that will be paid to the beneficiaries.

Among the main proposals of the PM is the provision of a “sports scholarship”, a voucher for teaching in private community institutions, confessional or philanthropic and support for Rural Productive Inclusion. In the MP, the government also instituted another program, called “Alimenta Brasil”.

Auxílio Brasil aims to “stimulate the emancipation of families living in poverty and extreme poverty, in particular with the integration of adolescents, young people and adults into the labor market, the integration of social assistance policies with policies aimed at promoting productive inclusion, encouragement of entrepreneurship, microcredit and integration into the formal labor market “.

In the MP, the government talks about using “multiple sources of funding”, including partnerships with the private sector, federated entities, other powers, multilateral organizations, civil society organizations and other institutions. national and international.

Among the benefits to be offered under the program are the Early Childhood Allowance, the Family Composition Allowance and the Extreme Poverty Allowance.

PEC of court orders

Bolsonaro also submitted to Congress on Monday morning a constitutional amendment proposal (PEC) which allows the Union to pay in installments – debts that are no longer the subject of recourse, since they have already gone through all the judicial bodies.

In practice, the government wishes to postpone a compulsory expenditure which consumes a large part of the budget, and which should increase considerably with monetary corrections. In 2022, an election year, the precarious in the federal government could reach 90 billion reais – far more than the 55 billion reais in 2021.

One of the federal government’s commitments, in the order of billions of reais, is linked to Fundef, now replaced by the Fund for the maintenance and development of basic education (Fundeb). An attempt to divide up these resources must be rejected by the category of educational professionals.

To approve an amendment to the Constitution, as the government wishes, it takes the votes of 308 deputies and 49 senators in the National Congress, with two ballots in both chambers.

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