Government releases MP to institute new framework for railways

The government has given the MP a new legal framework for rail transport | Photo: Jorge Woll / Archives / Government of ParanĂ¡

President Jair Bolsonaro published this Monday (30) the provisional measure (MP) which creates the new legal framework for rail transport. The text establishes the authorization for the construction of new railways by authorization, as is already the case in the telecommunications, electricity, ports and airports sectors.

The deputy was expected and has similar content to the legislative proposal which has been in Congress since 2018. According to the General Secretariat of the Presidency, the new rule aims to facilitate private investment in the construction of new railways, in the use of unused sections and in the provision of rail transport services. The current extension of the national railway network is similar to that which existed in 1922, that is to say approximately 29 thousand km.

The text also provides for the simplification of the procedure for providing the rail transport service as an independent rail operator. Now just submit the required documentation to the ANTT and the authorization will be issued automatically.

On public railways, in addition to the current concession model, a more simplified concession, by authorization, will be authorized. In addition, railway administrators will be able to join forces to create a self-regulatory entity to establish technical-operational standards.

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