Government sanctions railway brand with vetoes

Norma is expected to attract private investment in the sector, increasing transport capacity and reducing logistics costs in the country. Photo: Marcos Corrêa / PR

President Jair Bolsonaro partially sanctioned the law establishing the new legal framework for rail transport. According to the government, the rule should attract private investment in the sector, increasing the transport capacity of the network and reducing logistics costs in the country.

Documentary requirements deemed non-essential for obtaining permits and a provision establishing the preference of current concessionaires for obtaining permits in their area of ​​influence were vetoed. Also provisions that were in conflict with the budget orientation law and the validity clause, so that the new law will enter into force within forty-five days of its publication, which avoids an interruption between the end of the term of provisional measure No. 1.065, which currently deals with the issue, and the start of the new law.

The framework for railways, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure, promises several innovations that aim to facilitate private investment in the construction of new railways, in the use of unused sections and in the provision of rail transport services. . Among the novelties is the authorization of the construction of new railways by authorization, similar to what is already happening in the exploration of infrastructure in sectors such as telecommunications, electricity and ports. The exploration of unrealized sections, inactive or in the process of being restored or deactivated may also be authorized. There has also been a simplification of the procedure for providing the transport service which does not involve exploration of the infrastructure.

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