Government sends new Bolsa Família project to Congress

program will replace Bolsa Família. Photo credit: Jonathan Campos / Gazeta do Povo

The federal government sent Congress on Wednesday (15) a project that makes possible the creation of a social program to replace the Bolsa Família. According to the text, the proposal links the benefit to the approval of the taxation of profits and dividends provided for in the tax reform, which is currently being examined by the Chamber.

The replacement of Bolsa Família foresees an increase in the average value of the benefit from R $ 189 to R $ 270. According to O Globo, the government intends to include three million families, reaching 17 million. The program change depends on the approval of the taxation of profits and dividends, according to the text sent to Congress. In 2022, the federal government intends to take R $ 19 billion from the tax.

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