Guedes and Pacheco defend a legal solution for court decisions

Rodrigo Pacheco and Paulo Guedes met this Monday (30) to discuss the government’s economic agenda. Photo: Pedro Gontijo / Federal Senate

After a meeting with the Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, this Monday (30), the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) indicated that he will meet Luiz Fux and Arthur Lira (PP-AL) until see you tomorrow to find a solution for the payment of court decisions. According to Pacheco, the best solution, at the moment, would be to go through the courts. “There is a possibility, which has always been discussed and has now evolved, given that there was a Supreme Court ruling regarding the mandatory payment of BRL 89 billion in court orders, in 2022, that a composition is made, mediated by the National Council of Justice (CNJ), chaired by Minister Luiz Fux. A solution that we consider as intelligent, possible. The CNJ could really give this orientation, ”declared the President of the Senate.

For Guedes, this would also be the most appropriate solution. “We had tried a legislative route, a PEC, but apparently there is a more efficient, faster and even more legally adequate solution. This was the conclusion of the President of the Senate and of the House, supporting this nod from Minister Luiz Fux. We are technically in contact with the staff of the Supreme and the TCU. The initial idea came from Minister Bruno Dantas, and I think we will achieve a good term in this sense of openness, within fiscal responsibility, in spaces defined by the government’s own ceiling, making room to a Bolsa Família ”, declared the Minister.

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