Guedes says he can’t pay court orders without committing a liability crime

The Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, approved the presentation of the PEC of the precatório. Photo: Edu Andrade / Ascom / ME

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Thursday (12) that it was not possible to pay the 90 billion reais in court orders estimated for next year, without risking the government to commit a crime of fiscal responsibility, citing as an example the impeachment process of former president Dilma Rousseff. “I cannot pay the BRL 90 billion in court orders this year, I cannot pay, otherwise I will break all the cap legislation, I will break all the tax liability legislation, we have committed a crime of fiscal responsibility, which even Brazil has already impeached ”, said the minister during a hearing at the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies to discuss a law that establishes free access to Internet for students and teachers of basic public education.

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