Guedes says he never cursed waiters when asking for help with administrative reform

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes called on officials to support administrative reform. Photo: Isaac Nobrega / Presidency of the Republic

The Minister of the Economy Paulo Guedes asked this Wednesday (24) for the support of officials for the administrative reform proposal sent by the government to Congress in September 2020. According to the minister, if it is approved, the proposal will not achieve “ nothing. “. Guedes made the request by participating in the 1st Seminar of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of the Economy. During the speech, he cited the episode in which he compared the figure of the civil servant and that of a parasite and a said he never cursed officials, according to Folha de S. Paulo.

The minister said at the time he was talking about the need to control state and municipal spending. “There are hundreds of municipalities that cannot even pay their own payroll […]. And I said it’s like a unit that becomes parasitic […] and in memory [das pessoas ficou que estava] cursing public officials. I never swore, my mother was a civil servant all her life, she is 99 years old. I live interactions with extraordinary people [do serviço público]”, said Guedès.

The secretary general of the Confederation of Federal Civil Servants (Condsef), Sergio Ronaldo da Silva, said that “the possibility for civil servants to support the administrative reform proposal is nil”.

“[A proposta] he will have no support because, in the first place, a manager who sees public officials as enemies or parasites does not deserve to be supported. Second, because he [Guedes], to date, has not presented credible data. He began by saying that the savings from administrative reform would be R $ 300 billion in ten years. Then he said it would be BRL 450 billion, and now he says it’s BRL 800 billion. Every hour he speaks a different number. I can not believe it “, pleaded the secretary general of Condsef, with information from Agência Brasil.

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