Guedes says new Bolsa Família does not threaten spending limit

Minister of the Economy Paulo Guedes. Photo: Marcos Correa / PR

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said this Friday (29) that it is possible to accommodate the increase of the new Bolsa Família in the budget. According to him, so far the program complies with the plans of the ministry, the law on fiscal responsibility and the cap. President Jair Bolsonaro has already announced that the value is expected to reach R $ 300.

“We have already made the calculations, we have already made arrangements to meet with Minister João Roma, who requested a 50% increase in the budget, and the President, who requested that the average allocation be increased to R $ 300. is a cost of between 25 and 30 billion reais, which we already have, is already in the budget. Bolsa Família does not threaten the ceiling. The budget is ready to send a more robust Bolsa Família, ”Guedes said at an event in Rio de Janeiro. With information from Valor Econômico and Agência Brasil.

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