Guedes says that the Senate bill will “mitigate” the price of a liter of diesel by R$ 0.60

Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy.| Photo: Ministry of Economy.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Thursday evening (10) that the project approved in the Senate will allow the government to mitigate the impact of the increase in diesel for the Brazilian consumer. “There was a war abroad that hit us and we managed to mitigate the impact by ⅔. The Brazilian consumer only experiences ⅓ of this impact that comes from outside,” Guedes said alongside Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque.

The Head of Economy thanked the Senate for approving the Supplementary Bill (PLP) 11/2020, which provides for changes in the formula for collecting the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on fuels and exempts federal PIS and Cofins taxes on diesel and cooking gas by the end of the year. The text must still go back to the House for a new analysis, before passing to the presidential sanction.

Guedes said that with the approval of the project, the federal government will be able to reduce the value of a liter of diesel by R$0.33, while the states will be able to reduce the amount charged for diesel by R$0.27. ICMS. “Petrobras levies R$0.90 on diesel, but the federal government cuts R$0.33, which is the tax on diesel, at a cost of R$18 billion or R$19 billion; 0, $27 from governors, at a cost of R$15 billion or R$16 billion. Only ⅓ of this impact is passed on to the consumer,” he said.

This Thursday, Petrobras announced a new increase in fuel prices. The values ​​have been crossed out by the public company for more than 55 days. According to Guedes, the government never thought of modifying Petrobras’ pricing policy to contain the rise in fuel prices. “It’s a law, it’s not the will of government A, B or C, it’s a law of the market”, reinforced Bento Albuquerque. The Minister of Mines and Energy pointed out that the pressure on prices is caused by oil shortages and low refining capacity.

For Guedes, the government could consider creating a subsidy for diesel if the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. What has been approved so far is to mitigate the impact of diesel. “Brazil revolves around diesel. Food, transport, medicine. Everything happens on the highways and we want to mitigate it. It was a request from the president, to pay special attention to truck drivers,” he said. declared.

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