Guedes says that without payment of court decisions in installments, the public machine will stop

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes denied that the installment payment of court orders was a “default” for creditors. Photo: Edu Andrade / Ascom / ME

The Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, says that without the payment of the debt of the precatoria, Brazil runs the serious risk of paralyzing the functioning of public bodies, including the payment of civil servants’ salaries. The alert was made during an interview with the newspaper Valor Econômico. He again defended compliance with fiscal responsibility law and denied that the split was a maneuver to fund Auxílio Brasil, the federal government’s new social program. “The space I have this year, between mandatory spending and the spending limit, is R $ 96 billion. They took a preventive expenditure of 55 billion reais in 2021 and increased to 90 billion reais in 2022. Without the solution that we propose, no one receives a salary in the public sector, not even a minister of the Federal Supreme Court. (STF). Therefore, it is not a question of accommodating expenses to pay the new Bolsa Família ”, declared Guedes, refuting the idea that the measure is a default of payment of the holders of significant debts recognized by the courts. “We have given predictability to guarantee the reception of the precatório to those who have this right,” he said.

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