House amendment extinguishes salary floor for five professions

The salary floor for architects is one of those threatened by the House amendment to MP 1.040. Photo: Shutterstock

The professional councils and parliamentary leaders of the Federal Senate are articulated to overturn a decision of the Chamber of Deputies which threatens the minimum wage for at least five professional categories. If approved in both chambers, the interim measure (MP) 1,040 should extinguish the salary floor for professionals in agronomy, architecture, engineering, chemistry and veterinary medicine.

Although the main objective of the MP, drafted by the executive, is to simplify the business environment and, therefore, the opening of businesses in the country, the legislative proposal contains an article, number 57, which repeals Law n ° 4 950-A, of April 22, 1966. This was included in the MP by amendment proposed by the federal deputy Alexis Fonteyne (Novo-SP).

Article 57 of the PM also repeals a number of other laws and, in other cases, only extracts from provisions. The article was viewed by many as irrelevant and therefore a “turtle”. The proposal was reported by Marco Bertaiolli (PSD-SP) in the hemicycle.

Bertaiolli’s opinion, along with the economic team, is that the measure no longer “has the meaning of reality”, and its repeal makes Brazil less bureaucratic. For them, the only floor that must exist in the law is the minimum wage. Now pending in the Senate, the issue has already received more than 30 amendments and requests against the extinction of the salary floor to overturn the House’s decision.

“Engineers, even because of their abilities, can fully negotiate in the free market, whether it’s with companies, construction companies, whatever. There is no need for a floor. The floor is useless! It will disrupt relationships. start to impose an artificiality on the market, “pleaded Alexis Fonteyne, in an interview with the Rural channel.

According to Fonteyne, the prosecution would be a brake on the hiring of professionals. “What we are seeing is that this salary is at such a high, so high a bar that it inhibits the market for hiring engineers and they end up falsifying contracts, that is – say to oblige engineers or architects to create and receive this value, or to hire the engineer, whatever he may be, as a consultant, analyst, any other title which is not an engineer ”, underlined the deputy to the vehicle.

In force since 1996, Law 4950-A establishes that the remuneration of engineers, veterinarians, chemists and architects is six minimum salaries (R $ 6,600) when the professional works six hours a day.

“The performance of qualified professionals is not an obstacle,” says manifesto

For the National Federation of Engineers (FNE), the proposal to annul the law “is based on an ultraliberal vision and ignores the characteristic of salary remuneration”. “The proposal of this amendment and its approval are errors which must now be corrected, because it is not possible for Congress to believe that the devaluation of engineers and other professionals essential to the development and well-being of the people is a favorable factor for business, “said FNE president Murilo Pinheiro in a statement.

“For this reason, the defense of this rule is a priority combat flag of the FNE and its affiliated unions. It is unacceptable that an amendment, which is configured in a clear outgrowth, eliminates a fundamental pillar of the valuation of these technical frameworks without any type. discussion or consultation. We will fight hard so that this is not confirmed, ”said Pinheiro, on behalf of the category.

Clearly, the MP’s target associations affirm that “the performance of qualified professionals is one of the bases for improving the business environment and not an obstacle to its development”.

“Professional advice is associated with initiatives aimed at improving the business environment, but not with anything foreign to this objective. It is not by weakening the supervision of professionals – and by endangering Brazilian society – that we will create the indispensable environment for development, but with common sense and dialogue ”, affirms the manifesto signed by the representatives of the professional categories. .

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