House-approved mini-labor reform harms Constitution, MP says

Parliamentarians have created – with the support of the government – three new employment programs under the provisional measure 1.045. Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Arquivo / Gazeta do Povo

Towards the end of the Senate voting deadline, the mini labor reform approved by the House is challenged by the Public Ministry of Labor, which notes several irregularities in the text and assesses that the proposal will end up in court, if approved by Congress. The parliamentarians created – with the support of the government – three new employment programs within the framework of the provisional measure 1 045. Originally, this deputy only reissued the program for the reduction of working hours and wages. and contract suspension, adopted to deal with the effects of the pandemic. The new text provides for the hiring of workers without a formal contract, the reduction of overtime values, among other measures.

In an interview with Estadão, the Attorney General of the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), José de Lima Ramos Pereira, suggests that the senators let the text expire, warning that the proposal is unconstitutional because it undermines labor relations. “What we see is that the main theme has been swallowed up by the accessory themes. It is a dangerous detail. The good thing would be for the member to lose validity or withdraw those strange questions, which would no longer even warrant voting on the proposal. On the content – which goes against the Constitution – there is a lot of discussion, ”says the Attorney General.

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