House approves basic text of income tax reform after agreement with opposition

Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies | Photo: Najara Araújo / Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday evening (1) the basic text of the income tax reform. There were 398 votes in favor, 77 against and 5 abstentions. Bill (PL) 2.337 / 2021 provides for changes in the IR rules for 2022. The text was dealt with urgently in the House. The deputies will analyze the 26 highlights, which can modify the text, this Thursday (2). Subsequently, the reform must be sent to the Senate.

House Speaker Arthur Lira (PP-AL) managed to link up with the opposition to continue the process. “I would like to congratulate this House, all the deputies, all the leaders, without distinction of opposition or situation, center or independence”, declared Lira at the end of the vote. The Speaker of the House declared that the project “is not a government project”, but a “state project”.

The rapporteur MEP Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA) presented a new opinion this afternoon and made changes to the proposal. Among the points of the new report are the maintenance of the unlimited simplified deduction of the personal income tax (IRPF), the end of the exemption of interest on equity (JCP) and the maintenance of the incentives for the domains of social interest with the reduction of corporate income tax (IRPJ).

The approved text provides that profits and dividends will be taxed at 20% withholding income tax, but equity investment funds are excluded. In the previous version, the rate was 5.88%. The reduction of the IRPJ is lower than the previous version (6.5%), reducing the tax from 15% currently to 8%.

In the draft sent by the government, only taxpayers with an annual income of R $ 40,000 could subscribe to the simplified deduction. However, Sabino removed the income limit for this type of declaration from the text. However, with the agreement, the individual will be able to obtain the simplified discount equivalent to R $ 10,563.60. Currently there is a cap of R $ 16,754.34 for the annual use of the discount.

Opposition parliamentarians have expressed support for the vote on the proposal tonight. According to the deputy Afonso Florence (PT-BA), “it is a project of the Chamber, in favor of a fair and united tax reform”. He welcomed the reduction in personal income tax, as well as the taxation of profits and dividends (currently exempt).

MP Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM) defended the agreement reached by the party leaders. “The proposal is a first step in reducing distortions, but it does not solve the problems of employees, it does not reduce consumption and does not promote tax justice,” he said. With information from Agência Câmara Notícias.

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