House approves MP who allows stations to buy ethanol from producers

The deputy’s text will be analyzed by the Senate. Photo: Daniel Castellano / Gazeta do Povo / Archives

On Thursday (25), the Chamber of Deputies approved provisional measure (MP) 1063/21, which allows petrol stations to purchase fuel alcohol (hydrated ethanol) directly from producers and importers. The text follows the analysis of the Senate. The plenary approved a highlight of the PT and deleted from the text the authorization to sell fuel to suppliers other than those linked to the station flag.

According to the government, the MP intends the government to increase competition in the fuel sector by removing the obligation for stations to buy ethanol only from distributors, who can continue to operate.

The text of the rapporteur, MEP Augusto Coutinho (Solidaredade-PE), incorporates extracts from MP 1069/21 in the text, which allows direct sale to stations also to cooperatives for the production or sale of ethanol and to companies that sell this fuel. With information from the Câmara de Notícias Agency.

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