how much each worker will receive until 08/31

The profits of the FGTS 2020 will be deposited by August 31, 2021 in the accounts of nearly 89 million workers. Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The FGTS board of directors approved on Tuesday (17) the distribution to shareholders of 96% of the profits recorded by the Fund last year. The money will be deposited into the linked accounts by the end of this month.

Workers who had a balance in their FGTS accounts as of December 31, 2020 will receive part of the profits. According to Caixa, 88.6 million Brazilians are in this situation. The amount distributed becomes part of the account balance and follows the same withdrawal rules as the Fund – in the event of unfair dismissal, purchase or depreciation of property, serious illness, anniversary withdrawal (for those who have signed up to this modality), between others .

According to the government, FGTS’s profit last year was 8.47 billion reais, of which about 8.13 billion reais will be distributed to shareholders. This is the second largest distribution, just behind that made in 2019 (which passed on the 2018 results), when 100% of the profit of R $ 12.2 billion was deposited into the accounts of the workers.

The amount deposited in each account will be proportional to its balance at the end of 2020. The index to apply will be 0.01863517 – each worker will therefore be entitled to approximately 1.86% of the amount he had in his account.

To find out the amount of the deposit that will be made automatically until August 31, the worker must consult his FGTS balance at the end of 2020 – via the FGTS application, on the Caixa website or on the bank’s internet banking, if it is. customer) and multiply it by 0.01863517.

For a balance of R $ 1,000, for example, the profit distribution will be equivalent to R $ 18.63 (in approximate values). Those who had R $ 5,000 will receive R $ 93.17. A balance of BRL 20,000 will entitle you to BRL 372.70. Etc.

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