How the war in Ukraine should affect fuel prices in Brazil

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– High fuel prices, which had already worried the government since last year, took on a new dimension after the start of the war in Ukraine.

*) The war in Ukraine is already beginning to affect the economy. Among the expected consequences is of course the rise in the price of a barrel of oil. Russia is one of the world’s largest exporters of the product.

This subject, fuels, has already been controversial for a few months here in Brazil. Even before the Russian invasion. Petrobras’ price adjustment policy is the target of criticism even from the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

Attempts to lower fuel prices have involved the government and Congress. All this with the participation of the States, in terms of taxes such as the ICMS.

Anyway, the price scenario has changed a lot. This episode of the 15 Minutes podcast talks about the expected impact of the war in Ukraine on the price of a barrel of oil and, consequently, on fuel, and how much this will weigh on the consumer’s pocket.

The program also talks about how the government and Congress intend to act to prevent further damage.

The guest is the reporter for the Economy section of the Gazeta do Povo, Célio Yano.

The 15 Minutes podcast is a space for discussion on important issues, always with analysis and participation by the Gazeta do Povo team of journalists. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration that adapts to the rush of your day. The presentation is by journalist Márcio Miranda.

Fact sheet: ’15 minutes’, news podcast Gazeta do Povo #Presentation and scenario: Márcio Miranda; content director: Rodrigo Fernandes; production team: Maria Eduarda Scroccaro editing: Leonardo Bechtloff; distribution strategy: Marcus Ayres.

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